Surprise,warning,relief,permission etc

·      Menyatakan perasaan terkejut (surprise)
mis. A: Could you tell me how  big is the blue whale?
       B: Wow, that’s amazing
·          Peringatan (warning)
mis.Watch your step
       Be careful
·          Meminta/Memberi  saran
mis. A: What do you think…?
        B: why don’t you…
·          Menyatakan permintaan (permission)
mis. A: Can I go to the movie?
        B: No, you may not.
·          Menyatakan relief
mis.  Oh, that’s relief. Thank                    goodness for that
·          Menyatakan  perasaan pain
mis.  Ouch! It hurts me so much.
          Ouch! Stop pinching me.
·          Menyatakan  perasaan pleasure
mis. I’m very pleased with this room. Oh, How marvelous.
·          Menyatakan perasaan takut (scared)
mis. I’m scared. You scare me
·          Mengungkapkan/meminta
mis.  A:What   do you think of …
             Is that right (true) that …
B:  In my opinion, …..
     I personally believe

·          Menyatakan kepuasaan
Mis I really like my new hair cut
       I t was satisfactory
·          Menyatakan ketidakpuasaan
mis. The food was lousy
I am a little dissatisfied with the   service here
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