Sympathy Expressions

Sympathy Expressions?What is that?I have some information about that...

Sympathy expression is an expression or feeling of pity and sorrow when we know and see someone or people are unlucky or have trouble and in bad condition.
By expressing sympathy we want to show our concern or carefulness on other people’s condition.

How we can give our sympathy expressions to Someone?
We express it directly to him/her orally or we can use a letter or card by post also by short message service (SMS), e-mail, television, radio, and newspaper if he/she who got the trouble is far from us.

I have some example about that....
I’d like to express my deepest condolences
I’m sorry to hear that
I’m awfully sorry about…
Oh, how awful!
Oh, dear!
You must be very upset

Oh, what a shame
How pity you are!
How terrible / awful for you
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