Prepositions In,On,At

check the information about prepositions : in , on , at. Prepositions are words that specify place, direction, and time. There are three types of prepositions : in , on , at.

Time Prepositions In - On - At
Time prepositions are used to clarity what time an event happened or will happen. Time prepositions are used nouns and pronouns. Prepositions usually come before nouns or pronouns. Prepositions never come before a verb.

We use at to designate specific times.The train is due at 12:15 p.m.

We use on to designate days and dates.
My brother is coming on Monday.
We're having a party on the Fourth of July.

We use in for nonspecific times during a day, a month, a season, or a year.
She likes to jog in the morning.
It's too cold in winter to run outside.
He started the job in 1971.
He's going to quit in August.

IMPORTANT: In English we say:

* in the morning -because it is considered a period of time
* in the afternoon
* in the evening
* at night -

Note: We say in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening BUT we say 'at night'

Tyler : When is the wedding?
Ally : It’s in June.
Tyler : What day?
Ally : It’s on Saturday, the 25th.
Tyler : What time?
Ally : It starts at 6:00.

Place Prepositions In - At - On
What are place prepositions?
Place prepositions , are prepositions that are used to describe the place or position of all types of nouns. It is common for the preposition to be placed before the noun. When we refer to Place prepositions we usually refer to "in", "at" and "on".

We use at for specific addresses.
Grammar English lives at 55 Boretz Road in Durham.

We use on to designate names of streets, avenues, etc.
Her house is on Boretz Road.

And we use in for the names of land-areas (towns, counties, states, countries, and continents).
She lives in Durham.
Durham is in Windham County.
Windham County is in Connecticut.

IMPORTANT: In English we say:

* on the island
* in the city/country side
* in the mountains - except when you mean that something or someone is physically on the mountain.
* at the office

me: Where’s your school?
muni : In Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan.
me: Really? What part of Palangka Raya?
muni : It’s on KS Tubun Road.
me: I know that area. Where exactly is it?
muni : It’s at KS Tubun Road number 2

Sample sentences
• I met my wife at the theater. (while watching a movie)
• I spilled my drink in the theater (on the floor of the building)
• She works at the library on Wednesdays.
• She found a rare coin in the library (building).
• Dr. Jones works at the hospital every day.
• John was in the hospital for a week with a broken leg.
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