Passive Sentences

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Active sentence is the sentence that the subject of the sentence is an act of the perpetrator, while the passive sentence is the sentence that the subject is not theperpetrators of an act. The subject is the recipient of the result of an action.

Compare the following sentences:

     * Active: Susi typing this letter yesterday
     * Passive: This letter was typed by Susie yesterday
     * Active: My cat kills a mouse
     * Passive: A rat was killed by my cat

Use passive voice if the perpetrator acts not so important.


     * The tower was built in 1955

If we need to mention who the perpetrators of an act, use the word by (by)


     * The tower has been built by local governments in 1955

The general formula to form a passive sentence

     * Active: S + Verb (Word Work) + Object + etc.
     * Passive: Object + to be + Verb 3 (Work Words Form III) (+ by the subject) + etc.

To be used
  1. Present : is, am, are
  2. Past : was, were
  3. Perfect : been (di depan have, has, atau had)
  4. Future : be (setelah modals)
  5. Continuous : being (di depan salah satu dari 7 to be di atas)
Things that need to be known and remembered

    1. To say a sentence in the passive voice, tenses do not change. Tenses must be the same if we say so in active form. What changed his only verb.
    2. The verb has no object (intransitive verb) can not be converted into the passive voice, like, crying, boiling, rising, etc.

Examples of active and passive sentences

  1. Jack sings a song (active)
  2. A song is sung by Jack (Passive)
  1. Jack sang a song yesterday (active)
  2. A song was sung by Jack yesterday (passive)
  1. Jack has sung a song (active)
  2. A song has been sung by Jack (passive)
  1. Jack will sing a song (active)
  2. A song will be sung by Jack (passive)
  1. Jack is singing a song (active)
  2. A song is being sung by Jack (passive)
  1. Jack can sing a song (active)
  2. A song can be sung by Jack (passive)
Some Forms of Passive Sentences1) Passive Sentence imperativeFormulas:Let + object + be + Words Work Form III

* Help the poor (active)
* Let the poor be helped (passive)2) Passive infinitive: It is / was timeFormulas:It is / was time for + object + to be + verb III

* It is time to send the letter (active)
* It is time for the letter to be sent (passive)3) Negative imperative Passive SentenceFormulas:Subject + be + verb + III notes to + infinitive(Verb III is often used is: advised, asked, begged, commanded, requested)

* Dont wait for me (active)
* You are advised not to wait for me (passive)

4) Passive Sentence with Verbs of PerceptionFormulaSubject + be + adjectives + Pls + subject + be + verb III(Verb used are: taste, smell, feel)

* This Tastes delicious food (active)
* This food is delicious Pls it is tasted (passive)

5) Passive Sentence with Certain Verbs followed by That-clauseThe verb used is: accept, admit, agree, assume, believe, Decide, Expect, find out, intend, plan, points out, presume, Prove, regret, reports, say, think, understand.

* We regretted That the principal Had to resign from office (active)
* It was regretted That the principal Had to resign from office (passive)6) Passive Sentence with Nouns or Adjectives as Complements

* I Consider her very pretty (active)
* Considered She is very pretty (passive)7) Passive Sentence with two objects

* He Gave me a book (active)
* A book was given to me by uterus (passive 1)
* I was given a book by uterus (passive 2)

8) Sentence Passive Verbs with gerund

* The teacher enjoyed teaching the students (active)
* The students enjoyed being taught by the teacher (passive)

9) Agent consisting long expression at the end of sentenceIn a passive sentence, if the perpetrator of a long expression, the subject should be placed at the end of the sentence after by.

* We were the resource persons all Surprised by her sudden announcement to get married
* I was confused by his plan to stop the ongoing project and begin a new one.10) Passive Sentence with unique verbsThe verb used is: require, deserve, need

* This wall needs to be painted (same)
* This wall needs painting.
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