Have you heard the waiter in the restaurant said "would you like some dessert?". That's an example of offering.Definition of Offering :

* The act of making an offer.
* Something, such as stock, that is offered.
* A presentation made to a deity as an act of religious worship or sacrifice; an oblation.
* A contribution or gift, especially one made at a religious service.

Offering to older people:

* Would you like a cup of coffee, Mr. Green?
* Should I get you a bottle of water?
* Could I offer you a glass of lemonade, Mrs. Lina?
* Would you care for some salad ?

Offering to friends:

* Want some?
* Have some.
* Chocolate?
* Glass of tea?
* Grab some for yourself.
* Would you like to have a pancake?
* Why don’t you have some lemonade?
* What can I get for you?
* What will you have?

Accepting an offer:

* Thank you
* Yes, please
* I’d like it very much
* Thank you, I would
* That would be very nice

Declining an offer:

* No, thanks.
* No, I really won’t. Thank you.
* Not for me, thanks.
* No, thanks. I’m not hungry.
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