Noun Phrases

noun phrases?what is that?What is noun phrases?to know what is noun phrases,we must know what is Noun,and Phrases firstly. OK? :)
noun is a word that names a person, animal, place, thing, idea, or concept, or anything considered as noun
Remember that...
There are more nouns in the English Language than any other kind of words.

see the Noun examples
• Persons: girl, boy, instructor, student, Mr. Smith, Peter, president
• Animals: dog, cat, shark, hamster, fish, bear, flea
• Places: gym, store, school, Lake TOBA, Minnesota, village, Europe
• Things: computer, pen, notebook, mailbox, bush, tree, cornflakes
• Ideas: liberty, panic, attention, knowledge, compassion, worship

The Functions of Nouns in Sentences
1.Subject of the sentence
2.Predicate Noun (also Predicate Nominative or Subjective Complement)
3. Appositive (noun in apposition)
4. Direct object of a verb
5. Indirect object of a verb
6. Object of the preposition
7. Object Complement (Objective Complement)

Gerunds can also be classified as noun
For example:
I like swimming
The word ‘swimming’ is a gerund

• A phrase is a group of related words that lacks both a subject and a predicate. Because it lacks a subject and a predicate it cannot act as a sentence.

So, the conclude from them about Noun phrases is
• A noun phrase consists of a pronoun or noun with any associated modifiers, including adjectives, adjective phrases, and other nouns in the possessive case.
• Like a noun, a noun phrase can act as a subject, as the object of a verb or verbal, as a subject or object complement, or as the object of a preposition, as in the following ...

• subject
Small children often insist that they can do it by themselves.
More examples:
• object of a verb
They have found Eugen's goal.
• object of a preposition
The arctic explorers were caught unawares by the spring break up.
• subject complement
Frankenstein is the name of the scientist not the monster.
• object complement
I consider Loki my favorite cat.
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