Oke bro, Do you know about invitation ?
invitation is that tell about how to invite or ask someone to come and attend an important event, a particular program or activity, such as : birthday invitation, anniversary, birth of children, school graduation, separation, and the anniversary of the company or agency.

the kinds of invitation:

  • spoken
  • written
Usually in invitation card,there is:
  • Purpose
  • time
  • place
  • message
  • the person who invite 
  • making an invitation:
  • Shall we .......?
  • I'd like to invite you to come to my birthday party
  • let's have a diner together with me tonight
  • Would you like to read my comic in my house?
receive invitation
  • all right
  • i will come
  • i like that
  • I'd love to .......
  • yes,that would be nice
refuse the invitation
  • I'm sorry, I can't
  • I'm afraid i can't
  • I'm sorry,I'm so busy
this is the invitation for old people or strange people

Would you like+to+V1+O/C+?
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