greeting is the expressions which is used to address someone or other people.that purpose are to known each other,to show attention,and to suggest a type of relationship or social status between individual or groups.
How do you greet other people?
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening
How are you?
How’s everything with you?
How’s life ?
How are you getting along ?
How are you doing ?

Responding :
Good Morning,yodi.
Fine, thanks
Pretty good, thanks
I’m well, thanks
Not bad, thanks. And you?

How do you introduce yourself?
Let me introduce myself, my name is dio.
Hello, I’m dio
Hi, I’m dio febrilian. You can call me dio.
Hello, my name is dio febrilian

How do you close or end your conversation?
Well, I should be going now. See you!
I’m sorry, but I have to go now. It’s been nice talking with you. See you later
Well, I must be off now. I’ll talk to you later!

Leave-taking :
Good night, Mom /dad
See you tomorrow
Good bye / bye-bye / bye
See you later
I’m sorry. I must go now
See you around

Responding :
Good night,dear.
See you
Good bye / bye-bye / bye
So long
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