Finite Verb

Definition of finite verb :
a verb that has a subject, this means that it can be the main verbs in a sentences. It shows tense (past/present, etc) or number (singular/plural), A finite verb makes an assertion or expresses a state of being and can stand by itself as the main verb of a sentence.

Example of finite verb :

* I cook, she reads, Anto went

* Dina has eaten when Ria come in, By itself, the verb form eaten is called a non-finite verb When the auxiliary has and the non-finite verb eaten are put together, they make up a finite verb form has eaten.

* Tamara was walking. Walking is non-finite and was is to be. When they are put together, they make up finite form was walking

Definition of non-finite verb :
a verb has no subject, tense, or number. The only finite verb forms are the infinitive (indicated by to), the gerund or the participle (present/past), nonfinite verbs must ordinarily combine with a modal , an auxiliary verb, or the infinitival particle to.

Example of non finite verb

Verbs ending in -ing. These are called present participles, they were cooking in Sinta’s house.
This non-finite verb form end in -ed; many also end in en. These are called past participles. I have written my letter ( the past participle written is non-finite and can’t be the main verb).
Talking is the children favorite pastime. ( talking is a gerund, verb to be noun)
I can’t afford to go out tonight

The infinitive can have the following forms:

The perfect infinitive
to have + past participle

For example: to have broken, to have seen, to have saved.

This form is most commonly found in Type 3 conditional sentences, using the conditional perfect.

For example:

* If I had known you were coming I would have baked a cake.
* Someone must have broken the window and climbed in.

* I would like to have seen the bukit batu when I was in Tangkiling.
* He pretended to have seen the film.
* If I'd seen the ball I would have caught it.
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