Asking if someone remembers or not

if you want to asking someone remembers or not,there are some way to do it and the respond. ;)

Formal expressions

* I wonder if you remember ….
* You remember ...., don’t you?
* You haven’t forgotten ...., have you?
* Don’t you remember ....?
* Do you happen to remember it now?

Ways to respond

* Let me think, yes, I remember.
* I remember especially the scenery.
* I’ll never forget that.
* I’ll always remember.
* I can remember it clearly.

Informal expressions

* Remember the old house we used to live in?
* Remember that?

Ways to respond

* Hold on. Yes, got it!
* I know ….
* It’s coming back to me now.

Response if you forget:

* Sorry, I’ve completely forgotten.
* I’m afraid I forget.
* I really can’t remember.
* I’m afraid I have no memory of him.
* Err, let me think. No, it’s gone.
* Sorry, it slipped off my mind.
* I’m sorry, I don’t remember.
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