Perfect Tense

Perfect Tense

Oke,next material is perfect tense.This one of other tense
Usage :
1. To talk about a completed past action at a non- specific time
example : I have read that book before
2. It is used to express personal experience there is not a definite time given.
example : I have ever visited Jabiren.
3. To talk about something that began in the past and continues to the present.
example : I have studied in this school since last
June .

(+) S + Have/has + Past Participle + O
(-) S + Have/Has + Not + Past Participle + O
(?) Have/has + S + Past participle + O ?

EXAMPLE : Koko has played in the field for one hour.

(+) I have written my homework.
(-) I have not written my homework
(?) Have you written your homework later?

For irregular verbs, use the participle form (see list of irregular verbs, 3rd column). For regular verbs, just add “ed”.

Adverbs :
• for refers to a period of time.
example : I have known uni for two years
• since refers to the time when the events started.
example : I have learned english since 10 years old.
• just means that something happened a moment ago.
example : she has just left the school.
• already means that something happens earlier than expected.
example : he has already handed in the assignment.
• yet means that up to the present time something has not happened (only in question or negative sentences).
example : he hasn’t sent the letter yet.
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